Common troubleshooting

1、Bluetooth Connection Problem

1-1、 Tip: "Bluetooth Rejects Connection"

1、This problem is caused by using Bluetooth search function in mobile phone settings to connect robot Bluetooth. But for the bluetooth connection of the robot, you should go to “Robobloq” APP to find the Bluethooth icon which is in the upper right corner of APP interface, then tap it and put the mobile phone close to the robot 10 to 20 cm, the bluetooth will automatically connect.

Note: the Bluetooth connection of robot is through the Bluetooth in Roboboq APP, not through the mobile phone’s embedded Bluetooth function to connect.

1-2、Connect 4 to 5 times, it prompted all the time: "Bluetooth connection failed"

1、Check whether the "location" function of the mobile phone is open or not. After opening, tap the Bluetooth icon in APP to reconnect. Generally, it can be solved by this way.
2、Download the latest version of Robobloq APP software to ssolve it, you can search for "Robobloq" in popular APP markets to download and update it.

2、 the robot can not move

2-1、 the crawler robot construction completed, the app. to control the lights and sound, the motor has the current sound, but can not move

1、 to see if the construction is wrong, most of the problems are: front wheel anti-loosening nut screwed too tight, the use of wrench and screwdriver loose anti-loosening nut, with hand lightly , the track normal rotation can 2、 check whether the battery lighting is sufficient, in addition to the market brand battery counterfeit more, it is recommended to supermarkets and major e-commerce platform to buy

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