The light sensor is developed based on the principle of photoelectric effect of semiconductors. It can be used to detect the intensity of ambient light. It is usually used to create interactive projects that produce special effects with changes in light intensity, such as smart desk lamp robots, chasing robots, etc.



a) Support Arduino IDE programming, and provide a runtime library to simplify programming;

b) support Robobloq graphical programming, suitable for all ages users;

c) Installation using M4 holes, compatible with robobloq, easy to use RJ11 interface;

4.How to use?

a) Assembly

With six mounting holes, be careful not to damage the components on the circuit board or cause a short circuit during installation.

b) Wiring

It can be connected to the black ports of Qmind or Qmind plus board.

c) Programming blocks

d) Projects

Comming soon...



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